Dentist discussed with each other

At Radiant Dental Care, we take pride to have established ourselves as one of the outstanding dental care provider in Chennai. Here, you will get real value for your money by achieving quality treatment against your dental issues. We keep an aim to maintain this flagship through following code of ethics;

  • A team of  professionally sound and passionate doctors ready to offer honest service at anytime
  • Continuous approach to improve the patient discomfort while going through the process
  • Internal knowledge grooming and doctor training
  • Full concentration on totally eradicating the root cause with first course of treatment itself
  • Broadening of team to give more time per patient for an effective care
  • No hidden secrets, every patient will know about his./her exact oral health condition to better reciprocate to the treatment
  • Full rights to our patients to ask as many questions and doubts as they have in mind regarding the process either before or during the course of treatment
Radiant Ethics

We always seek the best cooperation of our patients as it helps keeping us rooted to our aim much better.