Dental Technology

We at radiant dental care offers our patient with the state of art technology for optimum results. Our technology and equipment are continuously upgraded along with the latest inventions.

Rotary Tools

All our rotary tools are made of world class equipment, imported from Germany and Japan. Our highly advanced drilling tools assist the doctors by improving their precision in drilling making the bacteria and plaque removed completely from the site. Moreover, it helps the filling last longer by making the filling last longer.

Dental Chairs

At Radiant Dental Care, we import the most technologically equipped dental chairs for our patients that come with retractable valves, along with preventing oral fluids retracting back to the tubing it also helps in keeping the patients away from cross contamination.


With our single tooth anesthesia system, we only target the particular area with an exact dosage for significant pain reduction.

Water Filtration

We only use Reverse Osmosis based water ensuring the highest quality of water possible


We only use International Imported Autoclaves sterilise dental tools passing them through the process of highly pressurised saturated steam. All our autoclaves are handled by following strict protocol by our specially trained doctors.


We use the most upgraded x-ray technology that can diagnose all oral issues without any pain. With our portable x-ray equipment, we can limit the exposure of x-ray radiation to a minuscule level. All our patients and doctors are provided with leaded aprons and thyroid collars for protection from the radiation.

dental tecnology tools

radiant dental care equipments