The dental crown treatment is required to protect a week tooth from breaking or to hold together cracked parts of a tooth by firmly placing a crown over the exposed parts of the problem tooth. Additionally it may be necessary for holding a dental bridge in place, to cover severely discolored tooth or to cover and support a tooth with large filling, etc. Dental crown or cap is almost the same thing but have different purpose of use as determined by the dentist. Dental crowns are made from materials such as gold, porcelain, porcelain bonded to metal, zirconia and composite resins, etc.

What is zirconia dental crowns ?

Dental crowns made from zirconium are considered to be the strongest and lasts long providing the required strength and support. The zirconia crowns are of two types- solid and translucent. The zirconia teeth can be made using computer aided designing and computer aided manufacturing technologies for precise fit. The zirconia crown is variable depending on the dental clinic chosen for undergoing the procedure for fixing the crown.

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