Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth that grows inside the mouth of an individual with one tooth at each corner usually. The growth of wisdom teeth can be a discomfort for a person as they grow at a very later stage during late teen or early twenties phase. As there are already 28 teeth present inside our mouth, the wisdom teeth needs to push itself aside from other healthy teeth. It sometimes leads to damage, pain and improper placement of teeth.

Need for wisdom tooth removal

Sometimes there is not necessary to remove a wisdom tooth if it is not impacted or causing any problem, but it also doesn’t provide any benefit rather blocking the growth of the healthy teeth. Through an X-ray report, dentists can figure out if there will be any complication in future or not. Sometimes wisdom teeth don’t break into the gum and erupt adequately, leading to entrapment of food particle that later results in dental complications.

Some of the complications associated with wisdom tooth are tooth decay, gum diseases such as gingivitis, periodontal diseases, pericoronitis, cellulitis, formation of abscess followed by cysts and benign growths.

Even though some of the cases are treated with antibiotics, rest cases need removal of the wisdom teeth. No need to worry, the process of wisdom tooth removal is entirely easier and pain-free under our dentists.

wisdom teeth removal

How we painlessly remove Wisdom teeth?

  • Based on the condition of the teeth, we either appoint a dentist or a specialist surgeon for treatment
  • To numb the area, our experts will apply a local anaesthesia.
  • The removal of tooth hardly takes 20 minutes. After the removal patients will be provided with painkiller medication, although the symptoms will wear off within a couple of days.