Human teeth may appear as quite formidable and hardy but in reality, it is made up of live tissues and nerves. Like every other body organ, they can prove fragile at times when they are not under proper care. Moreover, our teeth cater to one of our basics needs, that of consumption of food to keep us alive. A tooth goes through a lot and can develop certain dental diseases and anxieties due to various reasons.

Here are listed three common dental anxieties and the way to deal with them:

Tooth Decay:

it is one of the most common dental anxieties today. The other name for tooth decay is dental cavities or caries. It happens when the bacteria found in the plaque is allowed to settle on teeth. It then secretes an acid that slowly eats away at the tooth enamel forming holes or cavities. Older people and children are more vulnerable to cavities as their enamel is not that strong.

If a child gets cavities within baby teeth, it is replaceable with the adult teeth. Prevention is always primary. Once you get them, the only solution is to fill and repair them. Teeth must be brushed and flossed regularly along with routine dental checkups. Eating too many sugary and starchy foods is to be avoided for sure.

Cavities must be treated by a dentist, or it will grow more infectious, causing unbearable toothache. Timely repair procedures such as a standard filling or a crown or finally tooth extraction can act as instant remedies.

Periodontitis or Gum Disease:

This one occurs due to the accumulation of excess plaque in the mouth, as a result of which the bacteria consumes the gum tissues and ligaments that provide support to hold the teeth in position. This condition of dental disease gets worse with time when it goes without treatment.

During the early mild stages, this condition can be reversed with good dental care. However, if there are underlying infections, it has to be treated immediately by a dentist. Same works in case of gum bleeding that occurs more than once. It is a sign of gingivitis, an advanced stage of gum disease. Patients are generally prescribed antibiotics by dentists to treat it.

Enamel Degradation:

The symptom of this dental disease is precisely discolored enamel surfaces. It happens when the teeth are overtly exposed to corrosives in fizzy beverages, sugary snacks or even wine.You need to make frequent visit to an expert dental hospital to keep this things under check and Radiant Dental Care is such a dental clinic in Tambaram.

Once eroded, the enamel cannot be redeemed. Thus here too prevention is the best remedy. The consumption of these food items has to be restricted, and whenever consumed, teeth have been properly cleaned to get rid of these inside the mouth. However, if the harm is already done up to an extent, it is advisable to use softer toothbrush so that further damage can be avoided. Dental anxieties occur to even those with excellent dental routines and more than often professional medical help has to be taken.

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