Temporomandibular dysfunction or TMJ is a condition in which a patient feels pain and discomfort around the face and jaw area. This condition is caused by muscles problem that affects the jaw movement of a person. A specialised orthodontist can help a person in great extent in such scenario.

There is much treatment that can be beneficial for the patient:

Consumption of soft food:

Chewing of hard food puts extra pressure on the jaw, so it’s recommended to eat soft foods such as mashed potato, yoghurt, cottage cheese and soups, where you don’t have to put a lot of chewing effort.

Ice packs/ moist heat/exercise- applying moist heat helps in lose the tension from tight muscles and can prevent spasms. Apart from that, your doctor will recommend you some face exercises that can be beneficial if you follow it regularly.


Your orthodontist may recommend you Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve the pain and swelling of your muscles. A muscle relaxant can aid in loosening the tight jaw muscles, providing relief from the pain during grinding or clenching the teeth. To control the pain, orthodontists may also prescribe you antidepressants in a very lower dose.


This is a piece of equipment that can be used by patients who are facing TMJ issues. It prevents the touching of lower and upper teeth, preventing you to grind and clenching your teeth.