A stained or yellowish teeth are often the cause of social awkwardness in people. Rather than living in solitude or avoiding to laugh in public, you now can gain back your confidence with our exceptional teeth whitening treatment. The colour of teeth can be affected by the regular wear and tear, food habits such as dark beverages, tobacco, etc. our dentists will analyse the reason and condition of your teeth and provide you with the best treatment plan. If the stains are extrinsic, then a prophylactic dental cleaning will suffice otherwise a teeth bleaching will ensure 100% results.

Based on the condition of your teeth our dentist can also recommend you some specialised teeth whitening gel to maintain the colour of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Chennai

Tried but not working?

There are some extreme cases where teeth whitening doesn’t work. Don’t worry, with the help of veneers, crowns and fillings can alter the appearance of any misshapen and discoloured teeth.