Semi-fixed implant dentures are a fantastic treatment option for individuals who are looking to replace their teeth in the upper or lower jaws. It also carries an advantage of securing to multiple dental implants and making them extremely difficult to dislodge while speaking and eating. These removable implants have an attachment that has been built into the dentures and acts as a socket and ball, which can be adjusted according to the needs of patients as they are clipped into the place.

Semi fixed implants have to be removed at night for a thorough cleaning, and it should be checked by your doctor every nine to twelve months. Regular dentures are lost and shaky, and they require dental adhesive to stick to a place while a semi-fixture denture is sturdy and doesn’t lose haphazardly. Moreover, the durability of semi-fixed dentures is for a life time, but they need to be replaced in every 3-4 years. At Radiant dental clinic we provide the most long lasting semi-fixed dental implants in chennai that can last more than standard dental implants.

Semi Fixed Dentures