It is most important to restore or preserve what is there than to replace it. Restorative Dentistry helps a patient to restore their decayed, cracked, discoloured, missing or chipped tooth. The process starts with Diagnosis of problem, prevention of further progress and treatment of the diseased tooth.

With a routine checkup, our specialised endodontist  will evaluate the condition of your teeth through an digital X-ray which is an important part of diagnosis.

After the successful completion of the evaluation procedure, Our endodontist will provide you with various restorative options based on your dental conditions. While some treatment can be completed in a single visit, another complicated process may take more than a few visitation.

Restorative Materials that we use in Radiant Dental Clinic are:


we at RADIANT DENTAL CARE believe in quality, there for we use best- branded materials  when it comes to your dental health of our patients. We are one of the few clinics in Chennai that uses both tooth coloured composite fillings by Ivoclar  and new Generations FLOURIDE releasing fillings in your tooth that not only  provides a natural aesthetic look but also prevent further decay.


Veneers are treatment of choice mainly for patients with DISCOLOURED TEETH. Since it is highly aesthetic it completely changes the appearance of a tooth. Veneers completely covers the uneven, cracked and chipped teeth thereby improving the over all look of the individual.

Restorative Dentistry


They are also known of as indirect cast restorations. Actually the are customized fillings designed for specific individuals which are fabricated in laboratory. This makes them one of the best fillings for large decays.

GOLD Filling:

We are among very few dental clinic in Chennai who specialize in gold filling. Gold is also known as permanent filling material because of its excellent longevity. It does not liberate any toxins, does not cause discoloration of the tooth, coefficient of expansion is similar to tooth structure making it the best material for filling in the world.