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Our advanced pit and fissures sealants can save you from a painful encounter of tooth decay by safeguarding your teeth from exposure to any infection.

What are Pit and fissures?

Pits are small hollows that developed on the biting surface of the permanent teeth while fissures are formation of grooves at the exterior of the tooth’s surface.

Who can opt for this treatment?

This treatment is extremely beneficial for kids and teenagers as their teeth are more prone to infection. But preventing tooth decay in an early stage will result in more robust and healthy teeth in future.

How pits and fissures are formed?

Pits and fissures occur naturally through time depending upon the food habits, gaps between teeth and various other conditions. Pits and fissures get deepen over time resulting in to tooth decay and some extreme condition, the damage can lead to a lifelong dental issue.


Our dentists will first evaluate the patients to check if there is a necessity for any treatment or not through an evaluation.

If required, our dentist will apply sealants on the molars and premolars part of the teeth. After the sealants are set, the teeth will be hygienically cleaned and the patient will be ready to go home.

The process of pits and fissure sealing is painless and gets over within few minute as it doesn’t require any anaesthesia or any post medication.

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