Full mouth reconstruction refers to a set of medical and restorative interventions by the dental surgeon and dental doctors to improve and maximize the health, function, and beauty of the mouth. Through meticulous building or reconstruction process, the worn out, broken, or missing teeth are replaced with new teeth along with gum reconstruction, as necessary. The full mouth reconstruction or rehabilitation treatment or procedure is a personalized area of dentistry where the aesthetic of the entire mouth is taken care of by means of restorations, replacement, and reconstruction of the necessary components of the mouth and to improve the bite.

Radiant Dental Care Clinic of Chennai is an advanced oral rehabilitation, full mouth reconstruction and full mouth rehabilitation medical facilities of Tamil Nadu where the experienced and qualified dental doctors and surgeons form several specialties of dentistry work in tandem as an interdisciplinary team to completely restore the mouth, additionally freeing it from related existing pathological conditions.

Patients requiring the specialized and customized full mouth restoration medical services need to consult a dental clinic where specialist dental doctors and surgeons have successfully carried out the multispecialty cosmetic therapy, treatment, and surgical procedures to restore or reconstruct the entire mouth using the latest medical tools and technologies.

Radiant Dental Care is a complete medical facility where the highly experienced and qualified dental doctors and surgeons provide all-around, appropriate and cost-effective dental care medical services to fully enable the functionality and efficacy of the mouth – a prerequisite for better health in general.

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