Tooth mobility treatment or mobile teeth treatment is suitable for common problems associated with loose teeth. With the right type of treatment and surgical procedure, it can be effectively corrected to ensure better functionality and hence, quality of life of the patient. Plainly understood, tooth mobility is the condition of loose teeth in the jaws or the alveolar bone. Physiological tooth mobility is considered to be normal in healthy individuals which are about 0.25 mm.

Comprehensive Tooth Mobility Treatment:

The problem of tooth mobility may occur due to trauma of the teeth as a result of accidental injury. Trauma, due to occlusion, conscious or unconscious grinding habit, periodontitis, gum recession, gum abscess or periapical abscess and cyst or tumor in jaws, etc. The symptoms of tooth mobility include redness of the tissues around the tooth, pain or discomfort, difficulty in chewing food and tender gums, etc.

The treatment for tooth nobility or loose teeth is achieved by relieving the traumatic occlusion, correcting the bite, treating the tumor or cyst, treating gum infection by thorough cleaning and curettage, correcting the reduced bone level by bone grafting, splinting the loose tooth and restricting any movement and extraction of the loose tooth and replacement by dental prosthesis as a last resort.

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