Never Loose Sleep Over Loose Teeth

When a tooth is loose in an adult it may signal a problem. In children, a loose tooth may be normal indicating the rite of passage to adulthood or it could be indicative of a pathological condition. However, in both the cases the underlying causes are required to be determined by a competent dental doctor, who may prescribe treatment.

There are various causes that give rise to the condition such as gum diseases, pregnancy, tooth injury and osteoporosis, etc. Thick and hardened plaque when deposited can infect the gum. In this situation the infected gum may pull away from the tooth resulting in looseness of the tooth due to break down of the bone and tissues. If the gum is swollen, red, tender, painful, bleeding during brushing, or showing sign of recession, etc. then the patient must consult a dentist to treat the condition. This can effectively save the teeth. During pregnancy, due to high level of estrogen and progesterone the periodontium may be affected which can be a cause of loose teeth. This condition if accompanied by pain in the gum should be examined by a dentist to determine the reasons. Because of injury, clenching during stress, involuntary grinding at night, the teeth can lead to looseness of the teeth. Additionally, if someone is suffering from osteoporosis then it is possible that the individual may have loose teeth condition, as well.

Treatments offered at Radiant Dental Care

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