Laser Dentistry is a revolutionary advancement in dental procedures that improve and replace the overall traditional method of dental treatments. With the help of laser treatment, only a specified and affected area of the patient are treated without damaging the surrounding tissues.

Advantage of using laser Technology

  • It does not require stitches
  • Even anesthesia is not required in particular treatments
  • With the use of high-energy beam, the blood is clotted of the exposed blood vessels, resulting in a minimal loss of blood.
  • The high-energy beam also sterilizes the area, resulting in a minimized bacterial infections.
    Tissue damage is minimized along with faster healing of wounds.

Types of Dental Lasers

Hard tissue Lasers are used to cut the bone and tissues with extreme precision while minimizing pain and bleeding. Such lasers are often used during composite bonding and also repairing of dental fillings that have worn down through time. They can be used in procedures like cavity detector, dental fillings and also for the treatment of tooth sensitivity.

Soft Tissue lasers are used for periodontal treatment as it can kill the bacteria and restricts its growth. Apart from that it also aids in re-growth of tissues. These lasers can be used in crown lengthening, reshaping gum tissues, frenectomy and Epulis procedures.