Invisalign – Rebuild your Confidence

In today’s times majority of the people chose to correct their dental misalignments through braces. Braces form a part of most of the teenagers growing up years. While braces fix your teeth, they also damage your confidence, especially in your younger years. Having every picture or selfie taken with braces, at times tarnishes the experience of growing and living.

Invisalign – The Invisible Alignment

When you meet someone, your face and smile are the ones that create the initial perceptions. Your smile gives the positive countenance when you meet people. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good you are filled with confidence that empower you to reach the pinnacles of success and experience life.

Invisalign gives you the invisible alignment that is needed to make your smile spectacular without denting your confidence and filling your life with beauty and joy.

Invisalign – The revolutionary technological marvel
Using innovative technology Invisalign uses plastic aligners that are custom designed with advanced custom imaging technology, BPA approved and safe plastic trays that fit comfortably in your mouth.
• They adjust your teeth to the desired position avoiding all the hassles and discomfort that comes along with braces.
• The design and technology used is advanced, in line with modern times and are the latest in orthodontic technology. The set of plastic aligners are changed every two weeks and every pair can be worn till the alignment is complete.
• This can be removed while eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth.

Here are four reasons Invisalign should be your choice of an orthodontic treatment for getting that perfect teeth.

1. Invisalign – Invisible fix for a lifetime of amazing & confident visibility
Braces makes anyone feel conscious and they are too visible in all our external interactions. They are a constant reason for people’s mockery or for one to feel low spirited of their looks. With Invisalign the plastic aligners are transparent and invisible. You can give that confident smile or talk or speak without hesitation. Your first impression will be a lasting one with the confidence that you will exude.

2. Invisalign- Food no bar, eat what you like
The first thought that comes to everyone who wants to have their braces done is “How will I eat?”, “What about my favorite foods?”. Braces though a correctional treatment is considered a curse because of all the discomfort and restrictions it causes. You cannot have certain food types and the food gets caught up in the metal braces. Along with the constant discomfort of a metallic object in your mouth you cannot relish and enjoy the meals of your choice.
With Invisalign you do not have to compromise on food and enjoy all the food of your liking. All you must do is remove them while eating, keep it aside and you can put them back on when done. Simple and easy isn’t it!

3. Invisalign – Confident Hygiene and low maintenance
Brushing your teeth with braces is a herculean task using the paraphernalia of cleaning apparatus that is required. At times, the food gets entangled in the braces and causes major embarrassment while talking. Dental hygiene too is compromised and coloring of the teeth is evident. Invisalign is removable and you can easily remove this while brushing your teeth thereby maintaining the necessary dental hygiene and avoiding coloring of your teeth.

4. Invisalign- Socially active and create lasting memories
Those who have braces lack self confidence and they usually end up isolating themselves, avoiding social interactions, hiding, or not smiling during photo clicks and selfie times. Invisalign infuses confidence for that sparkling smile. Fill your scarp books and photo albums with pictures and selfies. Build lasting memories with the best version of yourself. No more hiding, its “Say cheese” time any time!

Invisalign give you the freedom from living a life behind the braces or being branded or remembered as the person whose mouth was filled with medieval contraptions. The social stigma that one must go through with braces leaves lasting marks throughout their life.

Invisalign infuses the confidence in interactions with people, for presentations, talks, friends outing, social, professional events etc.

It is an orthodontic gift to the entire community. Sometimes your smile is the source of your joy, Invisalign is the source of that confident, sparkling smile that empowers you to exude your confidence and enable you to make choices at your free will.

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