All dental treatment requires a constant contact with saliva and blood, the most prominent factor of transferring communicable disease and illnesses. We at radiant Dental Care put a great emphasis of minimising the contact as little as possible by following our highly planned hygiene procedure.

Few important steps we take:

  • All our patient are asked to cover their foot with our specially provided shoe cover before entering the clinic.
  • A four step process of sterilisation of instrument
  • All the tools go through a manual cleansing procedure
  • Followed by cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaner along with a 5% dodecyl-di propylene-triamine & trialkyl ethoxy-ammonium-proclinate solution. The cleaner is charged ultrasonic waves that charge its frequencies according to the type of instrument.
  • After drying the equipment, we pack them with sealed pouches
  • The pouches are then kept inside the autoclave for an effective sterilisation.
  • All the surface that ought to come into contact with the patient are covered in cling film
  • All the dental chair are properly cleaned and sterilised with high-grade solutions
  • Apart from going through sterilisation protocol training, all our doctor and assistants are periodically tested for all communicable diseases
  • A regular clinical audit ensures if all proper hygienic protocol is maintained or not.
Radiant Dental care Hygiene