Flap Surgery For Better Mouth Functionality

Periodontitis is an advanced gum disease in which the teeth are in danger. To correct the underlying pathological conditions, flap surgery is required. The dentist at first may treat the condition by non-surgical methods such as cleaning and scaling. If the symptoms persist then flap surgery is the best alternative for cure for the patient. Currently, flat surgery is the preferred method to repair and treat periodontal pockets. The periodontal pockets are the areas below the gum line where the gum tissues have detached from the teeth. These pockets are the uncleansable spaces having proliferating harmful bacteria causing inflammation of the tissues, sensitivity, bleeding and pain. If left untreated it may lead to a number of other health problems.


In flap surgery, the dental surgeon removes or reduces the problematic pockets by making a flap like incision to the gum tissues. It facilitates the removal of diseased tissues from inside the pockets. By this procedure, the dental surgeon finds access to the tooth’s root surfaces helpful to the accumulated plaques and tartar thoroughly. Afterward the folded flaps are folded back and stitched.

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