Bone graft is a procedure used to provide natural space and support for people who suffers from insufficient healthy bone to support dental implants. The bone grafting procedure helps in rebuilding the bone and provides a secure and sturdy alveolar bone structure for the placement of the implant. The process is to add bone graft materials that are normally in powdered form, placed in the existing bone in your jaw and through time it adheres to the natural bone and them take a shape of a new bone.

The procedure

We are among the best dental hospital in Chennai who provide a Modern bone grafting treatment that is generally painless and minimally invasive. The procedures are performed with special care and in a hygienic way. In most cases bone augmentation or bone grafting are done at the same that of the tooth extraction, helping the tooth to heal faster.

The process usually begin with the application of anesthetic to numb the operating region and to expose the bone, our dentist perform an incision.

Then the surgeons attach the bone graft material inside the incision and close the gum tissues. The graft materials are comprised of collagen and protein that support the growth of bone.

The new bone that grows replaces the graft particles and absorb completely with it. The new bone form usually take few weeks to a period of nine month to heal completely which is directly proportional to the extent of graft that has been planted.

bone grafting