Loss of natural teeth also leads to loss of confidence among people, making them self-conscious among others. With the dawn of advanced technology, there are natural looking teeth made with surgical grade, biocompatible titanium, will help in regaining the confidence of the patient.

There are various dental implant therapies improving the lives of patients. Some of them are:

Fast implantation of teeth within an hour

Although it takes at least three weeks to prepare the area for implantation and treating the operated reason, the implantation itself take not more than 1 hour to finish. The best part of this treatment is that it performed with minimal pain with fine surgical equipment and the patient will be complete ready for resuming his/her daily work after the procedure.

Keyhole dental implants

It is an advanced technique used by our best implantologist in Chennai who perform an implant with minimally invasive technique, limiting excessive incision and preventing trauma and discomfort from post –operative pain.

The process is carried by punching a small hole in gum and inserting the implant under local anesthesia. This treatment is possible for a patient who has enough bone to place the implant or they have to go for a bone grafting process.

Zygomatic Dental Implants

This process is the most advanced dental implant process of till now. We all know that insufficient bone in upper jaw needs a bone graft procedure for dental implants. The bone graft implantation is a lengthy process that can take almost six months where as in zygomatic dental implants a patient doesn’t have to go through a bone graft procedure or any sinus lifting procedure. The artificial teeth are inserted in the patient’s cheekbone. This process is simple and saves a lot of time with a much lower treatment time. In this process, the implants are attached to the jawbone closer to the zygoma bone. It takes around four months to recover completely after the procedure. After the recovery time, the final restoration can be applied to complete the operation.

The radiant dental clinic is among the very few dental clinics in Chennai who provides zygomatic dental implants services.